Hey Big Spender

Last month I won a contest. Apartment Therapy teamed up with Glidden (the paint company) and Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely to help me redo my bedroom. You’ll get to see the new room tomorrow, but today I wanted to share a few things that I bought with the MOOLAH THEY GAVE ME! That’s right. I not only got free paint and design advice, I also got a $500 Visa gift card. Score!

Here’s what I snagged.

  1. A coffee mug that says “Write like a motherfucker.” This was a NEED, not a want.
  2. Chair pads for the porch
  3. Two of these chairs, also for the porch
  4. A step stool (so that I don’t have to drag a chair from my office into the kitchen every time I want to reach something)
  5. A sturdy shelf to replace the rickety one in the pantry
  6. A frame to hold the marbled paper in the bathroom
  7. A pot rack for the pantry
  8. A photo of a buffalo that will hopefully look stunning as part of a gallery wall in the dining room.

I also bought a roller shade for the bedroom window, a little planter that I’m hoping to fill with succulents, and an old map of North Dakota (also for the impossible-to-put-together dining room gallery wall).

And one more thing: We spent $100 on a professional frame for this really cool panel of cat photos by Eadweard Muybridge, a British photographer who specialized in pictures of humans and animals in motion. The print looks 1000 times more amazing now that it has a frame that fits.

I love the little gold triangles against the black. Here’s the corner where it lives.

$500 seems like a lot of cash, but I had no trouble spending it. No trouble at all.


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2 responses to “Hey Big Spender

  1. SO jealous of your win, your taste, and your cat pictures. Where did you find the sassy pillow in the bottom photo?

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