Riding the Air Plant Bandwagon

Compulsively reading design blogs has a downside. You begin to spot design trends. And then, when you like a trend, you start to second guess yourself. Do I  like XXX because I actually like it, or because it’s trendy? Your new love of XXX becomes something mildly shameful, a symbol of your sheep-like tendencies. Why can’t I have my OWN sense of style? Why must I love what everyone else loves?

But I’m here to say eff it! You love what you love. And who cares if it’s trendy. Case in point: I have fallen head over heels for air plants.

These tiny epiphytes, which hang in my dining room, don’t need soil, but they do need water. Once a week I take them out and give them a 20-minute soak. When they’re dry, I put them back in their cages. You can find more info on how to care for air plants here. (You can see we have some trouble growing traditional houseplants. The scraggly rubber tree in the window is currently recovering from a bout of ovewatering/sun deprivation. Sorry, buddy!)

I picked up my first air plant at a shop in Manhattan, and then I ordered four more from Air Plant Supply Co. One arrived with a tiny purple flower! Could she be cuter? Answer: No, she couldn’t. (Yes, I practice anthropomorphism. Sue me.)

To house the plants, I used glass holders from CB2 (here and here). I like the teardrop-shaped vases better than the round candleholders, but the teardrops have a smaller hole, which makes getting the plants in and out a bit challenging. (These might be the best of both worlds. Or these. Or these from West Elm.)

Trendy? Absolutely. But also totally adorable.

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