Bozeman Wedding

A lot has happend in the past 10 months (yes, it’s been nearly a year since I last posted — I have no excuse *hangs head in shame*). Here’s the biggest news: In August, I got married. Here I am walking down a Montana gravel road with my lovely bridesmaids. We’re on our way to the ceremony.

*photo by Josh Gage

Holy sh*t! I am married. I have a husband. I am a wife. How weird is that?

Actually, it’s not that weird at all. I expected our relationship to feel different, but it just doesn’t. Yeah, it was a little strange to introduce him as my husband, but beyond that everything seems pretty much the same. Which is a good thing. I think.
But enough about married life. Let me tell you about the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, weddings are wonderful, magical, awesome affairs. But they also bring out the crazy in people. Especially the bride. Especially me.

After Soren nixed my plan to make 150 individual cheesecakes, I came up with an equally stupid brilliant idea. I decided to sew a napkin for each guest. Easy. Never mind that I hadn’t sewn anything since eighth grade. Never mind that I didn’t have a sewing machine. Never mind that I didn’t know how to sew napkins. I was hell-bent.

And, somehow, it all worked out. I enlisted the help of my stepmom and a friend from high school. Together we stitched 156 napkins in the span of just a few months. And we didn’t half-ass it. I sent them very specific instructions (see them here). I made them miter the corners. I got really into it.
Note the TWO sewing machines – mine broke down near the end.

Once the napkins were all nestled in their little boxes, I decided to sew some bunting. Our house looked like a very tiny sweat shop. And then I packed up 156 napkins, four strands of bunting, my wedding dress, wedding bra, wedding shoes (2 pairs), wedding hair flower, wedding hankie and various bridesmaids gifts, and — oh yeah! — clothes and toiletries, and hauled it all on a plane to Bozeman.

North Dakota thrift store finds.

Other evidence of crazy behavior: I forced my bridesmaids to wear heart-shaped glasses (see above photo). I spent months collecting vases, picture frames, and other decorations at thrift stories in the midwest. I forced my father to spray paint tiny plastic animals. I forced my father to iron napkins. I enlisted my aunt and uncle to collect 180 juice glasses for the champagne toast. I talked my mom and dad into turning old picture frames into homemade chalkboards. I convinced my aunts and cousins to help tie elastic bands on tiny name tags so that they could be easily slipped on wine and beer glasses. My husband’s family helped painstakingly assemble programs. My father-in-law calligraphied 156 escort cards. My stepfather sawed through a barn wall to get raw materials to make wedding signs. We all went a little nuts.

Over the next few months, I’ll be posting some of my DIY wedding projects as well as a bunch of other junk . . . you know, to make up for lost time. I hope you enjoy!


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9 responses to “Bozeman Wedding

  1. Bahahahahah love this! Especially the heart-shaped glasses. However the pics from your wedding are absolute gorgeous! I mean anthropologie wedding catalog gorge! Wow! I wish we wouldv been there. Your wedding looked fantastic but simple. The trick is the more carefree and down-to-earth we try to make the wedding the more time we must spend making ourselves Crrrrrraaaaaazzzzzyyyyyy! Anyhow beautiful wedding!

  2. Thanks, Jessie. I loved the heart-shaped glasses too. Probably could have done without the spray-painted animals!

  3. Beautiful, you looked absolutely stunning. Napkin for each guest is no nominal feat. Did you personalized them? My cousin just got married and she had her napkins embossed in a special Monogram with her initials. But thumbs up for awesome creativity.

  4. Personalize them?! Lord no! I barely had time to sew them all. Props to your cousin for her effort!

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  8. Leah Dodson

    I am looking to make napkins for our wedding as well (except only for the head table) but I am having a hard time finding some great vintage delicate fabric. Do you know of any great online stores? Thanks!

  9. Leah, if you’re looking for vintage fabric, your best bet might be Ebay or Etsy. I used new fabric from QuiltHome. I also like Pink Chalk Fabrics & Hawthorne Threads.

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