I do!

Last weekend, Soren and I rented a car and headed up to his uncle’s lake house in New Hampshire. We spent a lovely weekend canoeing, reading, picking apples, grilling steaks, entertaining family, and dozing in front of the fire.

On our last day, the weather was beautiful. So we decided to walk a half mile to the General Store to get coffee and a breakfast snack. Harrisville, NH, is adorable. According to a real estate brochure we saw, it is the most photographed town in New England.

On the way, we stopped at the public beach to goof off.

Soren took photos while I made attempt after increasingly dramatic attempt to leap onto this rock, which, as you can see, was not all that far from shore.


Then, a surprising twist! Just as I was about to say, “We better get a move on before my hunger turns me into a whirling dervish of fury and irrational hatred,” he sat me down on the sand and proposed. Yes, marriage. I accepted. And then I cried a little. And then we took some pictures.This is the spot where it happened:

And this is me demonstrating where my ring will go:

Soren knows how picky I am. So he didn’t buy a ring ahead of time. He wanted me to help him pick it out. Wise move. Not having a ring is so much better than having a ring you hate but have to pretend to like.

But I think Soren felt bad that he didn’t give me anything round, not even a lifesaver or a fruit loop. So this week he went out and bought me a lovely little silver ring with an amethyst on it. He didn’t need to, but I’m happy that he did. Every time I look at my hand, I smile.


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2 responses to “I do!

  1. Woop! Congrats again! Very excited for both of you and love that you have pictures of the moment. Somehow, I didn't manage to take a photo of the inside of the Cavalier at the corner of Baldwin and East Wash … hm, guess that's OK 🙂

  2. Uncle Jay

    Cool! Bonnie and I really like Soren alot and thoroughly enjoyed his visit with you to North Dakota. We are definitely planning on being at your wedding.

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